Metal Robot Radio w/ Tom McKay

Metal Robot Radio, some say is pure madness.

They might be right.

Ignite Radio wasn’t ready for this metal invasion, but when it happened,  we cranked up the distortion to 11. The show might “ignite” your desire to bang your head. (Disclaimer, we’re not responsible for any neck pains resulting from the pure raging mosh pits you start at your work.)

You’re welcome in advance. Metal Robot Radio, with one of our summer interns, Tom McKay, Tuesdays from 2-4pm on Ignite Radio.

About The Host

Tom McKay

Tom McKay is the sexiest of sexy people to ever hit metal airwaves. He’s won the (totally not made up) awards of “Best Chin Beard” and “Best Eyes to Stare At.” He’s a musician, gamer, and critic off the air, but on air he’s giving you the best metal has to offer.

Favourite Album: Octavarium

Favourite Artist: Periphery

Favourite Past time: Writing Music and Making Videos

Favourite Colour: Black, like his soul

Favourite Food: Edible

Favourite Memory at Mohawk College: Meeting others passionate about radio and everything about it

Fun Fact: That spot in Hell that says “Metal Robot” on it, that’s mine. If you see it, take a picture and post it on Instagram so I know you’ve been there.